WHAT IS Veneer?


It is a very thin porcelain flake which imitates the external tooth surface it is placed on. It is the least invasive prosthodontic intervention which allows for best aesthetic effect. It is often compared to using plaster to regenerate nails. Veneer is used mostly to improve the aesthetics of the tooth. It is important to remember that veneer can only be used on a healthy tooth without major fillings. If there were any – a crown is the recommended way to go.

Veneer can be used when:

  • Teeth are discolored and resist whitening
  • There are fillings in front teeth that keep getting chipped due to biting.
  • There are missing fragments at the tooth edge not possible to recreate with other means.
  • There are gaps between the teeth that we want to get rid of.
  • We wish to change the shape of the tooth slightly and change it’s orientation.
  • We want to drastically change teeth color.