Missing tooth isn’t only an aesthetic problem

Often we are not aware that missing even a single tooth bears health-related consequences. Remaining teeth have to endure more burden which in turn can lead to their grinding down. Moreover space left after a missing tooth makes other teeth shift and lean whereas the bone fades. All of this constitutes danger for remaining teeth. Chewing mechanism also displays irregularities which in turn can lead to recurring migraines. Not to mention changes in your facial appearance making you look older.


Implants are a chance to reclaim your smile

Thanks to modern implantology we are able to recreate teeth missing from patien’s mouth. The procedure for implanting titanium stud into the jaw bone is performed by a dental surgeon, Human body is tolerating the implant and does not treat it as a foreign object. Moreover, titanium is famously durable which makes it perfect to deal with extra burden. The next step for recreating a tooth is to make a prosthetic tooth which would imitate the original one as well as have its functionality. The big advantage of all this is that using implants does not require to interfere with other healthy teeth around as in other methods dealing with missing teeth