It is nothing else as treatment of cavities.

Thanks to that we prevent spread of this disease and we can enjoy a beautiful smile for years.

In Skydental Office we use the highest quality materials, so we are able to guarantee many years of maintenance performed fillings. Moreover, we also provide beautiful aesthetics, thanks to the possibility to select the perfect color of materials in relation to teeth.

It is worthwhile to know:

• Tooth decay is a disease

Arises as a result of bacteria activities that is in your mouth, with your teeth, on which is sugar from food. It is transferred in the oral cavity from tooth to a tooth by contact, so if one tooth is infected with tooth decay, after a short time the tooth next to it will be infected.

Only complex removal of tooth decay from the oral cavity provides guarantee of healing.

If a few teeth are healed, and in the oral cavity are also disinfected teeth, after some time the tooth decay will attack healthy teeth again.

• Tooth decay doesn’t hurt!

If the tooth hurts, it is unfortunately a sign that there is necessary root canal treatment or the tooth qualifies to be removed.

The tooth decay develops insidiously and only skillful eye of dental surgeon is able to see it where we think that we have healthy tooth or ordinary filling.

Each treatment in Skydental Office is carried out in magnification – with magnifying glasses or microscope. Thanks to that there is a bigger control over the treatment and smaller risk of oversight, e.g. tooth decay.