Conservative treatment:

Anesthesia free of charge
Check-ups, consultation visits PLN 100

Light fillings

Baby tooth filling

PLN 200-300

PLN 100-150

Filling in the tooth after root canal treatment PLN 250-350
Filling of a deciduous tooth PLN 50-100
Removal of calculus and deposits PLN 250
Tooth sealing PLN 70
Whitening (overlay method or one visit treatment) PLN 1000
Dead teeth whitening PLN 200/first visit, PLN 100 replacement of the medicine
Composite veneering PLN 300
Splinting of teeth PLN 100/tooth
Cost estimation and treatment plan PLN 150-200


Root canal treatment:

Treatment with microscope – incisors, canines PLN 600
Treatment with microscope – premolars PLN 800-1000
Treatment with microscope – molars PLN 1200-1500
Closure of perforation with MTA PLN 150-250
Removal of broken tool PLN 100-200
Devitalization of pulp PLN 100
Treatment of deciduous teeth PLN 100
X-ray 20 (free of charge in treatment)



Reconstruction of tooth on the fibreglass contribution PLN 300-400
porcelain on metal PLN 700
porcelain on LAVA zirconium PLN 1600
full-ceramic PLN 1500
Porcelain veneer PLN 1500
Ceramic Onlay PLN 1000
Ceramic Bonded Partial Restoration PLN 1300
Fiberglass bridge, single-point PLN 1200
Skeletal denture PLN 1500
Acetalic denture PLN 1500
Acrylic denture PLN 800
Additional reinforcement in the denture PLN 200
Prosthesis basing PLN 300
Splint adjustments PLN 300-500
Removal of the crown or bridge PLN 50-100

Retention elements of latch, bolt type


PLN 400-800

PLN 550



Tooth extraction PLN 200-400
Tooth extraction with sewing PLN 250-450
Extraction of embedded tooth PLN 500-800

Extraction of deciduous teeth

Extraction with PRF

Impacted tooth extraction with PRF

PLN 50-100

PLN 500-600

PLN 800-1000

Resection of single-root tooth PLN 1200-1800
Resection of multi-root tooth PLN 1200-1800
Hemisection, premolarisation PLN 1000
Undercut tongue or upper lip frenulum PLN 250
Plastics of oroantral fistula PLN 700-1000
Incision and drainage of an abscess PLN 100
Crown extension PLN 200



Orthodontic consultation PLN 150
Assembly of permanent metal brace (from 6 to 6) PLN 1800 per arch
Assembly of permanent aesthetic brace (from 6 to 6) PLN 2500 per arch
Assembly of self-ligating metal brace (from 6 to 6) PLN 2200 per arch
Assembly of self-ligating aesthetic brace (from 6 to 6) PLN 3000 per arch
ALF braces PLN 1500
LB brace PLN 1000
GMD brace PLN 1500
Palatal brace PLN 500

Additional bracket


PLN 200

PLN 100

“Emergency” visit (sticking braces etc.)  PLN 50
 Orthodontic control visit with LB, GMD or Palatal brace  PLN 150
Orthodontic control visit with LB, GMD or
palatal and permanent brace
PLN 200
Orthodontic control visit with permanent brace PLN 150
Mobile brace for children PLN 600-1000
Disassembly of brace PLN 300


Taking-over the patient from other Office


PLN 300 per arch

PLN 500

PLN 600



Implantology consultation PLN 100
Implantation PLN 2500

Reconstruction on implant:

– crown on titanium base and single connector

PLN 2700

Reconstruction on implant:

– crown on zirconium base and single connector

PLN 3500
Sinus lift, open method PLN 3500
Sinus lift, closed method PLN 1500-2500
Augmentatnion during implantation procedure PLN 800
Separate augmentation procedure PLN 1500-2000
PRF before procedure PLN + 300

​Panoramic X-Rays services

​Panoramic image 90 PLN
​Cephalometric image 90 PLN
​Upper jaw tomography 220 PLN
​Lower jaw tomography 220 PLN

​Upper and lower jaw tomography

Sinuses tomography

320 PLN

320 PLN


Dear patient, prosthetic combination works are priced individually.