Teeth whitening

Reclaim your white smile and confidence!

Everyone would like to have white teeth. However modern lifestyle usually does not help. We dring huge quantities of coffee, juices and smoke cigarettes. All of that leads to tooth discoloration which do not add to our good appearance. Thankfully there is a way. Overlay teeth whitening offered at our practice is a method with effects lasting even for 2 years! This method uses a special whitening gel which penetrates each tooth releasing oxygen atoms which cause oxidation and brightening of existing discolorations.


What is the tooth whitening process?

First you have to remove any deposits and plaque from the teeth. Next step is to prepare individual overlays based on teeth impressions taken from the jaw. When that is ready, the patient starts the treatment at their home. They apply whitening gel to the overlays and puts them on their teeth overnight. The overlays should be kept for at least 6-8hours. The whole process should be repeated for 10 to 14 days although the effect can be seen after initial applications. It is important to remember that successful whitening should be followed by replacing tooth fillings as they will not change color and won’t match the whitened teeth. The teeth can be overly sensitive to cold so it is worth using products dedicated to sensitive teeth for some time after the procedure.