Why is it worth to have straight teeth?

Nowadays external appearance is extremely important. A beautiful smile is a big part of a person’s image, therefore more and more people decide to seek help from orthodontists. Moreover, malocclusion is not only an aesthetic problem it can also cause other health issues as imperfect positioning of the teeth leads to development of periodontal disease, tooth decay, excessive abrasion as well as problems with chewing and temporomandibular joints. The solution to these problems is modern orthodontics.


What does orthodontic treatment look like?

During the first visit, the dentist inspects patients teeth. Often panoramic x-ray image is ordered to help pinpoint the exact orthodontic issue. Tooth impressions are taken in order to make an exact replica of the bite. The specialist then informs you whether they found malocclusion and what can be done to mitigate it and how long the treatment will be. You will also get a chance to familiarise yourself with available options for braces and what are the estimated costs of each solution.

Modern orthodontic braces can be removable or not. You can always use special almost invisible braces. Each time we advise on the best solution according to patient’s wishes and abilities. In our Wroclaw practice we treat adults as well as children.