Root canal treatment consists in removing all nerves and vessels from the tooth, so it won’t respond to warm or cold things. Such a treatment causes weakening of the tooth, because no nutrients flow to it with blood, just as in vital tooth. However, the tooth decay also develops in treated teeth. Such a tooth won’t hurt, in spite of large cavity.

After root canal treatment the tooth is as “empty shell”, therefore performing reinforced filling ensures that the tooth for long will remain healthy.

Performing ordinary filling in the tooth after root canal treatment is great risk of its crack, or fractures, and hence the risk of losing the tooth.

Tooth improperly treated won’t hurt(!), so it won’t give any warning signals.

The pain appears when inflammatory condition (which appears under the tooth), is already severe.

Only X-ray and evaluation of the result by dental surgeon may exclude the presence of inflammation and bad root canal treatment.

Repeated root canal treatment is a treatment much more difficult than conducted for the first time in a tooth. It is often necessary to improve what someone else wasn’t able to do last time. Sometimes removal of material that was previously inserted into the tooth is very difficult. This involves the risk of “going the wrong way” for the second time. Therefore, such a treatment is carried out mainly with a use of magnification. Thanks to that it is possible to conduct accurate and good treatment, which won’t require any improvement.

In Skydental Office the root canal treatment is always carried out with a use of magnification – magnifying glasses or microscope. The treatment is always carried out with cofferdam, and for fillings the best thermal method is applicable.