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In October and November
the orthodontic appointment
is included in the price of braces

Skydental – smile specialists

This Wroclaw based practice provides high quality dental services. Our team is dedicated to take maximum care during the treatment whilst making patient’s comfort our priority. We believe that only such combination will result in a fear-free dentist experience and will turn any visit into a pleasure.

Our website contains comprehensive information about the services we provide and gives an overview of modern dental methods. You can learn what is: implantology, orthodontics and prosthodontics as well as what is an implant or tooth veneer. Moreover, we aim to provide as much information as possible before any treatment and guide you throughout every step answering any arising questions so that our patients are well informed and fully aware of the procedures. This results in an environment where they can feel confident and safe

Thus Dr Dagmara Hartleb fulfilled her dream of making Skydental into a place where the patients are keen to come back to.
By visiting us, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

What we do?

Our practice provides treatments in areas of general dentistry as well as dental surgery. We also specialise in prosthodontics. Moreover, thanks to our ongoing cooperation with a range of local orthodontists, we can aid creating a healthy bite. Whereas, full white smile enthusiasts may be interested in our range of teeth whitening treatments. Our dentists, and dental assistants form a specialised team with necessary experience and extensive knowledge. We are aided by state-of-the-art, high quality equipment, allowing for a quick and effective treatment. Our Wroclaw patients include adults as well as children. We treat expectant mums.

Visit us and discover that a dental appointment can be a real treat.


What is…

Dentistry explained
Anesthesia Free of charge
Dental check-ups 100 PLN
Light-cured filling 200-350 PLN
Root canal filling 300-450 PLN
Milk tooth filling 100-150 PLN
Teeth scaling and plaque removal 300 PLN
Sealing teeth 100 PLN
“Overlay whitening

Lamp whitening”

1000 PLN

1300 PLN

Dead tooth whitening First visit – 200PLN, Medicine swap – 100PLN
Composite veneer 450 PLN
Teeth splinting Cost per tooth – 100PLN
Treatment plan and cost analysis 150-200 PLN
Microscope aided treatment – incisors, canines 800 PLN
Microscope aided treatment – premolars 800-1000 PLN
Microscope aided treatment – molars 1200-1500 PLN
Perforation treatment using MTA 150-250 PLN
Extracting a broken dental tools 200-300 PLN
Nerve pulp devitalisation 100 PLN
Baby tooth treatemnt 100 PLN
X-Ray 20PLN (or free if part of a treatment)
Tooth reconstruction with fiberglass insert 350-450 PLN
Porcelain crown on metal base 850 PLN
Porcelain crown on LAVA zirkon base 1700 PLN
Full ceramic crown 1600 PLN
Porcelain Veneers 1600 PLN
Ceramic onlay 1000 PLN
Ceramic endocrown 1400 PLN
Single-point fiberglass bridge 1200 PLN
Skeletal denture 1700 PLN
Acetyl denture 1500 PLN
Acrylic denture 800 PLN
Additional denture reinforcement 300 PLN
Denture relining 400 PLN
Relaxation splint 300-500 PLN
Removing crown or a bridge 50-100 PLN
Retention elements such as a latch 400-800 PLN
Deprogramator 600 PLN
Tooth extraction 200-400 PLN
Tooth extraction with stitching 250-450 PLN
Retained tooth extraction 500-800 PLN
Baby tooth extraction 150 PLN
Tooth extraction with Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF). 500-800 PLN
Retained tooth extraction with Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) 800-1000 PLN
Single root tooth resection 1200-1800 PLN
Multi-root tooth resection 1200-1800 PLN
Hemisection, premolarization 1000 PLN
Undercutting of the tongue or upper lip knot 250 PLN
Oral-sinus surgery 700-1000 PLN
Incision of an abscess with drainage 100 PLN
Surgical crown extension 200-400 PLN
Surgical crown extension 150 PLN
Fixing esthetic braces (6-6 bands) 1900 PLN per bracket
Fixing esthetic braces (6-6 bands) 2700 PLN per bracket
Fitting self-ligating metal braces (6-6 bands) 2500 PLN per bracket
Fitting self-ligating metal braces (6-6 bands) 3300 PLN per bracket
ALF braces 1500 PLN
“INVISALIGN treatment plan

INVISALIGN treatment”

1600 PLN

8000-18000 PLN

GMD braces 1500 PLN
Palatal braces 700 PLN
Additional molar band 200 PLN
Emergency visit (band adjustment etc.) 80 PLN
Orthodontic checkup with ALF, FMD or palatal braces. 150 PLN
Orthodontic checkup with fixed braces

Orthodontic checkup with additional braces

200 PLN

250 PLN

Button 100 PLN
“Removable braces for children

Orthodontic checkup with removable braces”

600-1000 PLN

100 PLN

Brace removal 350 PLN
Retainer 300 PLN per bracket
Continuing treatment from another facility 500 PLN
Microimplant 600 PLN
Dental implant related consultation 100 PLN
Dental implantation surgery 2600 PLN
Implant-based tooth restoration:

  • titanium core crown o with an individual connector
2700 PLN
Implant-based tooth restoration:

  • zirconium core crown o with an individual connector
3500 PLN
Sinus lift traditional (open) method 3500-5000 PLN
Sinus lift with crestal (closed) method 1500-2500 PLN
Augmentation during implantation surgery 1000 PLN
Augmentation as a single procedure 1500-2000 PLN
PRF with surgery + 300 PLN
Pantomographic image 100 PLN
Cephalometric image 100 PLN
Upper jaw tomography 250 PLN
Lower jaw tomography 250 PLN
Upper and lower jaw tomography 350 PLN
Sinus tomography 350 PLN